Concept Questions

The Concept is not the beginning. Many People may think it is the starting point of any project, big or small. This is a mistake. There are certain questions that need to be addressed before I start creating a concept.

The Essence?

A successful project and therefore its concept must always be straight forward and pointed to the questions WHO, WHAT & WHY. The details are important. To ask those questions gives me the right answers leading to stunning results in all following project steps. This helps me define the ultimate goal for your project, the essence.



A good concept gives you a good idea what the finished project might look like and also a bird’s-eye view over the things you need to keep in mind. Presenting the solutions to the answers from the questions asked before. A good concept is able to make the project understandable to everyone, not just professionals.

The big milestones in all concepts should be:

Briefing - The where are we situation

What is the situation right now, what was in the past? This helps me get the entire team in the right mood. Also you the customer can make sure that I know what is actually going on right now in your business.

Goals - The where do we wanna be situation

What are the goals? What should happen after the finished project? Besides detailed information this milestone should end with a single defining sentence. So that both parties have the right encouragement leading to the goal.

Solutions - The how do we achieve that situation

The most important aspects to look after in order to achieve the set goals are:

Visual Concepts
This doesn’t mean a full fleshed and polished design, it means an intuitive overview on my design ideas.

Future technology and it’s compatibility is always important. It helps me create innovative and best fitting solutions so I am always trying to keep up with the latest developments that will carry you all the way to your set goal ..and even further!

Time Management
A solid structured timetable reminds me and you what we signed up for.



Has a lot of different aspects and parts. Like little gear wheels, everything is a separate part on its own. But the machine only works well when they all work together. Some will do that directly, some will just act in the background. Each is important, every detail counts.


Usability is the greatest and most important tool when you want to achieve impressive design. Knowing when, how and on what media any information will or needs to be used is crucial to create fitting design. For example: When a business card looks great but does not feel good to the touch because the wrong material was chosen it most likely will not work in your favor. I am the one keeping an eye on that: in visual, usable and technical aspects.

The Look

Is not less important. A good look can be a huge part in selling a product. It is the first contact and it is the most often contact. Therefor it needs to be stunning from the first moment to the moment when its being looked at for the 1000th time.

The Feeling

..created by the touch, look and usability and all those little subconscious details. Harmonious sensual impulses are important when buying and also while using. It is the sum of all design parts. A good feeling is the indicator of good work.



When motivated in the right way everyone can be a little power plant on their own. But if you manage to connect those little fires you can power up the whole world. I want to be part of creating something great. For example a great product or a great feeling while working. Nothing is more efficient than a motivated and connected team. The right way to communicate is essential.



Contact and communication with you, the customer, is very important to me on any project. You want to be motivated and you want to know what I am doing. You do not want to have to wait a month to see me come up with a finished product. You are part of the decision making, you are involved in my team. Together we will create the best fitting product.