My Philosophy

Louis Sullivan once said: “Form follows function”. This sentence represents one of the main rules in professional design and also the rules I follow. Nature fulfills these rules perfectly and is one of my favorite inspirations. Nature “designs” look stunning and at the same time fulfill their original purpose perfectly. I appreciate visual arts but still have big interest in technology. I want to understand how a product works or should work in all its details, to design the perfect function following form.



I was born in Munich. A place where you can find distinctive culture and art if you know where to look. It was 1987 which makes me a typical 90’s kid and a person who was able to see the change of information technology and especially the growing importance of the World Wide Web. I have a huge interest in new-media and being part in further evolving our future media landscape. I am determined and always focused on the goal!


My Values

Q & A

Q What is your current commitment?
A I freelance for several customers by providing tailored solutions for various sectors. My usual responsibilities are creating concepts, marketing, project management, design and implementation for both: web & print projects.

Q Why is your website in English even though you are from Germany?
A The World Wide Web is a multicultural community. I am part of its development and want to interact with people from all over the world.